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Farm Owners Insurance

Potterton Rule, Inc. 158 N. Iowa Street Dodgeville, WisconsinFARM INSURANCE INTRODUCTION / GENERAL RULES:

I. The Germantown Mutual Insurance Company Farm Owners Policy is a flexible coverage contract designed to meet the insurance needs of today’s modem farmer. Coverage may be written on a complete “package” basis or may be tailored to meet certain special coverage needs of the individual risk.

II. With this policy, Germantown Mutual has the facility and capacity to insure the family-type farm. In addition, the policy has the flexibility of providing coverage for the hobby farm where little or no farming is involved.

The following describes in detail our Farm Owners Program eligibility requirements, coverages and rating procedures.


To be eligible for the Germantown Mutual Farmowners Program, the following applies:

1. The agent is required to personally view the property and determine its acceptability.
2. The property must be well maintained and reflect pride of ownership.
3. The applicant should have a positive attitude toward farm safety with a favorable loss history.
4. Credit reports are ordered on all new business, and along with other underwriting criteria, are used to evaluate the risk.
5. The farm should be either:

A. Owner occupied;
B. Owned and farmed by a family corporation or family partnership; or
C. Occupied by a full time resident tenant involved in the farming operation.


Eligible farms should not present unusual exposures or excessive hazards. The following is a general listing of types of risks and exposures which are not considered eligible for our Farm Owners Program.

1. Poultry, brooder and broiler farms;
2. Vacant or unoccupied farms. Also, properties in the process of being remodeled and not being occupied on a full time basis.
3. Horse farms, including breeding, boarding, and stable operations;
4. Commercial cattle dealers and sales barns;
5. Orchards, potato, cranberry, vegetable, ginseng, greenhouses, fur farms, veal and other specialized agricultural farming operations.
6. Buildings housing livestock containing unapproved cellular plastic insulation which is not covered by an approved, 15-minute fire barrier. Some modem plastic insulations have been improved and do not present serious fire hazards. If an agent believes that an insulation may be acceptable, he should obtain its brand name and manufacturer, the installation date, and the name of the installer, and should then contact Underwriting for approval before submitting the application;
7. Applicants owning a vicious animal and/or the breed of an animal that has a reputation of aggressive tendencies;
8. Farms which rent family garden plots or farm your own acreage.
9. Farms which contain mines, quarries, rifle ranges, or areas used for recreational purposes open to the public. This includes land leased for hunting purposes.
10. Buildings in which unapproved heatlamps, portable salamander-type heaters, or similar devices are used.
11. Seasonal or tenant occupied farms.
12. Mobile homes with wood burning heaters.
13. Applicants requesting liability coverage only.
14. Tenant occupied mobile homes.